PLR content, sometimes known as resale rights content, is a type of content commonly sold to site owners and internet marketers. Unlike CC-licensed sites, with PLR, all the rights are sold, including those for resale and attribution. When you buy internet marketing PLR, you can modify it, rename it and sell it as you choose. It’s inexpensive to buy, easy to sell, and if you do it right, no one knows that you didn’t write it yourself. However, there are risks to consider. Below are some reasons to be careful when using PLR for your site.


Concerns Over Plagiarism

Very few PLR sites actually create the content they sell. Rather, they use ghostwriters, and they buy the rights to the content. However, even when you use a detection method, there’s no real way to completely ensure that a work is free of plagiarism. Work could be an illegal derivative that flies under the radar, it could be taken from a source that hasn’t yet been published online, or it could be that the whiteboard video packs have been sold so many times that it’s impossible to locate the original writer. If work is found to be an infringement and you publish it under your name, it’s obvious who will get the nasty letter from a lawyer.


Duplicate Content Worries

Nearly all PLR sites sell content to more than one party. If a work is publicly published, Google will treat most versions as duplicate works and penalize each site. If it’s included in an eBook or private member’s area, it may still create issues as visitors and customers may see the work in other places. To fight this, some companies only sell health PLR packs a limited number of times—but there are typically dozens who have bought the same content.

Content Quality


Most private label resale sites sell books, videos and articles in packs that are bought sight unseen, which prevents buyers from gauging the content’s quality before they buy. Many times, the content turns out to be of poor quality, and it requires substantial editing or a complete discard. This can turn a good PLR deal into a real nightmare; prevent it by asking for samples before you commit.

People who want high quality PLR to sell as an email series or put on a blog may have to sift through many not-so-good choices, but one fact remains: Using PLR is less expensive and time-consuming than writing it yourself or outsourcing the work.